Lok King Kindergarten
Lok King Kindergarten
Parent-child Picnic

Dear parents, 

 Our school is going to hold the parent-child picnic on 20th November 2021 (Saturday). This is a trip for children to learn and play. Parent-child relationship can be strengthen. We are welcome to parents, children and relatives to join together. The details are as follows.

  1. Date: 20th November 2021 (Saturday)
  2. Schedule: Tuen Mun Park (there are mass of greenery, The Reptile House, water cascade, model boat pool, amphitheatre, roller-skating rink, children's playground etc.)     Lung Kwu Tan (sand play, clam digging, table football, shooting machine, Snooker, reaction game, slides etc.)
  3. Lunch: Lung Kwu Tan (All-you-can-eat) Self-serviced BBQ (chicken wings, chicken gizzard, beef, pork, Pork jowl meat, BBQ pork spare ribs, BBQ pork, Capelin, fish fillet, curried squid, crab roe ball, cuttlefish balls, lobster balls, hamburg beef, sausage, cervelat, corn, sweet potato, bell pepper, sweet pepper, capsicum, Courgette, eggplant, toast, Udon etc.)One can of soft drinks is included for each person. (You can refill water from water dispenser.)
  4. Gather place: 9:00a.m. at our school (No waiting for late-comers)
  5. Return time: 3:00p.m.
  6. Dressing: Our students are required to wear the Winter uniform (parents can be causal wear)