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Lok King Kindergarten
Parent-child Lunar New Year fairs carnival

Parent-childLunar New Year fairs carnival


Lunar New Year is coming up, to feel the festival vibes, our kindergarten is going to Lai King Estate, Yeung King House outside of the empty space to hold a “Parent-child Lunar New Year fairs carnival” ceremony/ Lunar New Year fairs celebration on 11th January,2020 (Saturday) at 10:30 A.M. till 4:00 P.M.. We would want this district‘s children and parents to have a blissful spring.

        Now we would want to invite parents to bring along your child to participate in this auction of Lunar New Year fairs stalls. Lunar New Year fairs will have stalls provide for bidders to sell Lunar New Year celebration’s related items, for examples: Lunar New Year’s food, red banner, Lunar New Year decoration, Chinese olden day’s snacks, Lunar New Year’s flowers etc.. We hope this event may strength parent- child relationship and children may learn multi-skills, for examples: planning, communicating with others, expressing with their own language, sales skills, and learning about money etc. Besides, parent from parent may have the chance to get connection and promote well-being of the community. We welcome all the parents to participate in this auction of Lunar New Year fairs stalls, stalls are limited, and they come with first come first serve base. Participant please fill up the reply slips and return it to the head teacher Ms Mak before 18th December,2019.