Lok King Kindergarten
Lok King Kindergarten
Parents’ permission on the usage of the student’s image

Dear Parents,

During the school learning activities, we usually take photos and videos as the following usages: 

(1) Evaluate children’s learning

(2) Personal record and share with others

(3) Child’s Portfolio (Our student’s observation record) 

(4) Publish on our kindergarten’s publication 

(5) Our kindergarten’s website (Our activities’ photos)

(6) Other: Our kindergarten’s photos may provide to medias etc. 

Our kindergarten hope for having parents’ permission to take and record students’ school life, in order to enrich their school life to have memorable memories, and enhance teaching quality. Parents please return the reply slip to the class teacher by 1st September, 2021(Wednesday). If you have any enquiry, please dial 2742 6202 to the school office.