Lok King Kindergarten
Lok King Kindergarten
Mid-Autumn Festival Activity

Mid-Autumn Festival will be temporary, to deepen children's understandingof Chinese traditional festival, held for the students in the Garden "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Learning Activities Day "activities on the one hand this will enablestudents to experience the atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals, the other side can enhance students' interest in learning and creative thinking, students are expected to understand Chinese traditional festivals from the multi-faceted learning activities.
Day activity arrangements are set out below:
(A) Date: 21th September, 2015. (Tuesday)
(B) Time: 9: 00am to 12: 00noon
(C) learning activities: enjoy the story, guess lantern riddles, food items       reward, recognize festive food, lantern parades. Students with diverse forms of learning through learning knowledge Mid-day all kinds of learning activities.
(D) clothing: uniforms
(E) Other: Same day students need to carry school bag, just use birthday  bag bring refreshments appliances.