Lok King Kindergarten
Lok King Kindergarten
Kindergarten’s service
Parent-child reading plan
Our Kindergarten initiatively promote “Parent-child reading plan”, we encourage parents to read storybooks with their children, and develop children’s reading interest at a younger age; children can read through book to enrich their lives, to increase their knowledge, to broaden their horizon and to develop a new hobby. We also hope that through readings it could promote parent-child communication and build better parent-child relationship.

Parent volunteers
We encourage parents to participate in our kindergarten’s activities, such as festival activities, parent- child activities, parent’s talks etc. We also encourage home-school cooperation, and enhance kindergarten and parents’ connection to educate and help children to grow healthly.

After school activities and interest classes
Besides the core curriculum, our kindergarten also provide various after school activities and interest classes, for children to participate; while participating in the activities, children may find new interests, increase their knowledge and develop their talent. It could also enhance children’s social ability through interaction with one another.