Characteristics of Curriculum

To support the children’s learning, the class teacher will translate the Chinese homework into English for the NCS children. Therefore, parents can guide the children to finish the homework at home.

School’s support to NCS children
  • We have the small group activities under the pull-put approach in order to raise the learning effectiveness of NCS children on learning Chinese.
  • Our school provide the after-school tutoring class (small group) for NCS children. We guide them to finish the homework.
  • To promote the home-school communication, we opened the WhatsApp group for the parents of NCS children.
  • We have hired an ethnic minority’s teacher who can answer the questions from the parents of NCS children.
  • For the parents of NCS children, if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us (Tel: 2742 6202) or through E-mail ([email protected])

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