【Hong Kong Flower Show】

To cooperate with the theme of the kindergarten ‘Spring’. A visit to Hong Kong Flower Showwill be held on 15th March 2023 (Wednesday) to let students have a chance to explore and widen their horizons. Students’ awareness of environmental protection can be enhanced. Parents are encouraged to join the activity with their children. The school will be paid for the shuttle bus fee, however, parents need to buy their tickets. Please return the reply slip together with the fee by 7th March 2023 (Tuesday). The details are as follows,

  1. Date    :  15th March 2023 (Wednesday)
  2. Gather Time    :  8:30 a.m.(student), 9:00 a.m. (parents)
  3. Dismissal Venue :   Hong Kong Victoria Park
  4. Place    : Hong Kong Flower Show(Hong Kong Victoria Park)
  5. Uniform       :   School winter uniform
  6. Fee             :   Price discount for adults $ 7, children price $ 7

The school will be paid for the shuttle bus fee

Children under age 4 and elderly aged 60 or over are free to enter.

*Remarks: All the students should accompany by their parents. If students are not participating in this activity, they do not need to come to school on that day.

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